Nubia Z40 Pro Official Now With 35mm Camera And Magnetic Charging

Nubia Z40 Pro Official Now

Nubia Z40 Pro Official Now

In today’s afternoon, Nubia held a conference, where a new machine Nubia Z40 Pro officially released, called the Z series the most powerful flagship in history.

Nubia Z40 Pro Introduction Video

In terms of shape, the machine continues the design language of the previous generation, the front is centered on the perforated screen, the back cover is made of starlight AG glass, 72.5 degrees ultra-small bending radius, the bend is hidden in the black edge area, to enhance the feel of the body.

Display, Nubia Z40 Pro front with 6.67-inch AMOLED flexible curved screen, resolution of 2400 × 1080p, support 144Hz intelligent refresh rate, 100% coverage of DCI-P3 color gamut, 10bit color depth, peak brightness 1000 nits.

Where the refresh rate can intelligently identify application scenarios, reading, video, picture browsing, and other different frame rate scenarios match one by one, from 60Hz to 144Hz intelligent refresh, making the picture smoother.

Core configuration, the new machine is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, with LPDDR5 memory + UFS 3.1 flash memory, battery capacity of 5000mAh, support 80W wired fast charging.

Heat dissipation is one of the main highlights, built-in nine-layer annular cold front cooling system, waterfall type rapid heat transfer, while the industry’s first new aerospace-grade micro-nano-cavity graphene phase change homogeneous plate, micro-nano-cavity structure, and solid-liquid dual-state phase change material filling, heat absorption performance 140% higher, 300 times higher thermal conductivity.

Nubia Z40 Pro Heat Dissipation

The camera system of Nubia Z40 Pro is claimed to be the strongest image flagship in Nubia’s history, is the industry’s first custom optical system image phone, equipped with a custom equivalent focal length 35mm main camera, the suppression of edge distortion within 1%.

The 35mm lens is the closest to the human eye perspective and the most storytelling lens in the minds of professional photographers. It can adapt to the needs of any photographic subject, especially humanities photography, which is a must.

To create the 35mm lens featured on the Nubia Z40 Pro, we joined forces with Sony to customize an IMX787, the industry’s first custom optical system for 35mm. Compared to the 26mm lens, the Nubia Z40 Pro has 35% less optical distortion.

This 35 main camera supports 64 megapixels compared to the previous generation main camera lens, the absolute amount of light intake has increased by 80%. 35mm equivalent focal length + 1.6 large aperture combination to achieve hardware optical bokeh, compared to the software algorithm processing, has an unparalleled bokeh effect.

The Nubia Z40 Pro also features a 50-megapixel wide-angle lens with a 116-degree ultra-wide-angle and ultra-low distortion. It also has an 8MP periscopic telephoto lens with an overall 9x optical zoom. This zoom lens also supports optical stabilization and forms a dual optical stabilization with the 35mm main camera. The triple camera combination, from 14mm to 35mm to 125mm, allows users to enjoy a full focal length photography experience.

Nubia also added an adaptive shutter shadow chasing algorithm, support for AI motion detection, intelligent adjustment of the exposure parameters of the shutter according to the degree of shake of the phone itself, as well as multi-frame RAW data fusion, AI neural network noise reduction, etc., to improve imaging clarity.

Advanced features, the machine also has an X-axis linear motor, stereo dual speakers, DTS sound, 300 + kinds of rich vibration sense, and other features.

Price, Nubia Z40 Pro 8GB + 128GB version of 3399 yuan, 8GB + 256GB version of 3699 yuan, 12GB + 256GB version of 3999 yuan, 12GB + 512G version of 4499 yuan.

In addition Z40 Pro, Nubia Z40 Pro Gravity Edition also unveiled at the same stage as the world’s first Android magnetic charging model, battery capacity adjusted to 4600mAh, 12GB + 256GB version priced at 4299 yuan, 16GB + 1TB version of 5999 yuan, March 2 omnichannel sales.

And in cooperation with the national comic book “Under One”, the Nubia Z40 Pro Under One Limited Edition was launched, with unique designs for packaging, body design, system UI, and card pickup pins, priced at RMB 4,699 for the 12GB + 256GB version, with crowdfunding pre-sale opening on March 2.



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