Apple’s 5G RF Chip Will Have Better Power Consumption Control on iPhone 14

Apple's 5G RF Chip

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Apple’s 5G RF Chip

Has been, the performance of each generation of the iPhone is almost always crushing the existence of competitors, A-series processor in the mobile end at the peak.

The more embarrassing thing is that strong as Apple has not solved the iPhone signal problem, after the release of the new iPhone, the spit on the signal abounds, such as the iPhone 13 released at the beginning, due to poor signal on the hot search.

For the signal problem, Apple has long been aware of the two-year baseband from Intel to Qualcomm, such as the iPhone 13 series is built-in Qualcomm X60, when the replacement, many Apple fans look forward to. But the status quo is also known, A series of processors seem to third-party baseband chip “natural” rejection, have no choice but to do it themselves.

Recently, according to the latest news from the supply chain, Apple intends to use its baseband chip, still TSMC foundry, on the one hand, to solve the signal problem, on the other hand, to reduce the demand for Qualcomm.

The report claims that TSMC squeezed Samsung under its advanced process, to get Apple’s 5G RF chip orders, the new 5G RF chip will appear in the new generation of iPhone 14 launched this year at the earliest.

It is reported that the 6nm RF process for 5G RF transceivers below 6GHz and millimeter-wave band to provide significantly reduced power consumption and area, while taking into account the performance, functionality, and battery life required by consumers, will also strengthen the support of WiFi 6/6e performance and power efficiency.

In addition, TSMC’s 6nm process is part of the 7nm family, which is also the advanced process that accounted for the largest revenue share in TSMC that year. It is reported that in addition to the above-mentioned upgrades, this year Apple will also increase the battery capacity of the iPhone 14 and further optimization in the iOS system, all of which is hoped to improve the battery life of the new machine.

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