Visionox Announces 1Hz Low-power AMOLED Display with Hybrid-TFT Technology

Visionox 1Hz Low-power AMOLED Display

Visionox 1Hz Low-power AMOLED Display

According to the report from ItHome, Visionox announced that Visionox released China’s first 1Hz low-power AMOLED display, which can achieve a dynamic refresh rate of 1-120Hz through Hybrid-TFT technology. At the same time, cell phones equipped with Visionox’s 1Hz low-power AMOLED display will also be released and unveiled soon.

Visionox 1Hz Low-power AMOLED Display

Visionox said that Hybrid-TFT technology is favored by high-end flagship phones for its significant reduction in power consumption – it can support the phone to automatically reduce the screen refresh rate to 1Hz when the screen is off, reading, and other low refresh rate application scenarios, thus achieving lower power consumption.

In addition, when users switch to high refresh rate applications such as video and games, the display can support a 120Hz high refresh rate, making the display drag-free and smoother. The Hybrid-TFT low-power technology is mass-produced by China’s first “fully flexible and high-definition” Vision (Hefei) G6 fully flexible AMOLED production line.

Visionox pointed out that it laid out the Hybrid-TFT low-power technology and its production capacity during the construction stage of the production line, and finally achieved the shortest Hybrid-TFT mass-production speed and the largest Hybrid-TFT production capacity in China.

Officially, the 1Hz low-power AMOLED display released this time adopts Visionox’s “Tripod Pixel Arrangement”, which has the highest visual equivalent pixel density in the world, making the display more uniform, sharper, and more detailed.


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