Moto still Debugging Algorithm for Moto X30 Under-screen Camera Version

Moto X30 Under-screen Camera Version

Moto X30 Under-screen Camera Version

There have been several new Snapdragon 8 Gen1 flagships released on the market, but I believe we will not forget the first model Moto Edge X30 equipped with the processor, and to this day, it is also still the lowest official starting price Snapdragon 8 Gen1 phone.

Today, Chen Jin, general manager of Lenovo’s cell phone business in China, brought a preview of the under-screen version of the phone on his personal Weibo account, posting:

Everyone is looking forward to the Moto X30 under-screen camera version.

The hardware is ok, we mainly carry out a new round of algorithm debugging. Although we all know or can understand the weakness of under-screen selfies, we still want to be better in more high-frequency daily applications, such as face recognition, video chat (this is also a common problem in the industry, think of the algorithm for face recognition behind the glass of a snowy car, the principle is similar).

At present our algorithm debugging is progressing very well, recognition accuracy has exceeded all similar models currently listed, the engineers have the confidence to be a little better! I also plan to list and then give you a little surprise, it is worth squatting.

Chen Jin

The front under-screen lens is currently the industry is also a few phones on sale, but apparently, it has not done as good experience as the punch-hole screen, so it still needs time to promote progress, Moto’s version of this X30 under-screen has previously been officially displayed, the effect is still possible, but the official release time has not been announced, it seems that it still needs to wait a little longer.


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