OPPO Reveal OPPO Pad with Pencil

OPPO Pad with Pencil

OPPO Pad with Pencil

In ongoing Warm-up activity for the upcoming Oppo’s flagship product launch conference, in today’s afternoon, the official account of OPPO finally announced the news of its first tablet. OPPO said, “This one, a new step, a Pad in place! OPPO’s first tablet “OPPO Pad” is here! February 24, 19:00, heavy release.”

With the OPPO Pad poster, OPPO also made public for the first time the real face of this tablet, the machine’s back design is more colorful, using the upper and lower segmented appearance, one side is a high-gloss treatment of various OPPO letters, the other side is the traditional design of fine frosting, the back shell is right in the center of the OPPO logo, recognition is still very high.

The front is a complete screen without digging holes, four narrow bezel design, rear single camera lens, and equipped with a stylus, officially called “OPPO Pencil“, the machine is mainly the last piece of OPPO cross-screen interconnected version, so far, OPPO TV, OPPO phone, OPPO watch, OPPO tablet is considered to be through.


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