Nubia Z40 Pro Packs Aerospace-grade Cooling System

Nubia Z40 Pro

Nubia Z40 Pro Packs Aerospace-grade Cooling System

Today, Nubia officially announced that the Nubia Z40 Pro is equipped with the annual flagship chip Snapdragon 8 Gen1, with a nine-layer ring around the cold seal thermal design, to achieve multiple thermal material conduction.

At the same time, Nubia also said that the Z40 Pro industry’s first new aerospace-grade micro-nano-cavity graphene phase change homogeneous plate, using micro-nano-cavity structure design and solid-liquid dual-state phase change material filling, heat absorption performance 140% higher than traditional phase change materials, 300 times higher thermal conductivity.

Previously ZTE Lv Qianhao used Nubia Z40 Pro to run the “Original God”, in the room temperature of 25 ℃ environments, Z40 Pro phone running a period after the “Original God”, the phone touched a slight cool feeling, very comfortable, suggesting that the Z40 Pro heat dissipation performance is very strong.

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