Official Hints, Vivo Will Bring a New Dimensity 9000 Flagship

Vivo Will Bring a New Dimensity 9000 Flagship

(In Picture: Vivo X70 Pro+)

Vivo Will Bring a New Dimensity 9000 Flagship

After OPPO announced that the Find X5 Pro will debut with MediaTek’s Dimensity 9000 processor, a Vivo executive also revealed that its new machine will also be equipped with the Dimensity 9000 processor.

Han Bo Xiao, product manager of Vivo Communication Technology Co., Ltd. posted: “Nine thousand flagship? We’re serious.” The message is also believed to be hinting at Vivo’s Dimensity 9000 flagship product, which, judging from its current state, should not be far from release.

Throughout Vivo’s product line, no product has been sold for around 9,000 yuan, so this news undoubtedly means that Vivo will bring a new Dimensity 9000 flagship. If nothing else, Vivo will also use this chip in its high-end flagship, the X80 Series, like OPPO, which is expected to be released next month at the earliest.

Today, MediaTek’s official microblogging site also once again brought a preview of the performance and power consumption of the Dimensity 9000. Dr. Jingquan Xu, vice president and general manager of MediaTek’s Wireless Communication Division, said: “The Dimensity 9000 can perform at the ultimate performance while maintaining the ultimate cool power consumption performance.”

From the known hardware specifications, the Dimensity 9000 is MediaTek’s flagship chip is the closest to surpassing Qualcomm, the overall specifications of the two are identical, but it uses a more stable TSMC process, which makes many users have great hopes for it. After the release of several new Snapdragon 8 Gen1, it’s finally MediaTek’s turn to take the field, are you ready?

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