OmniVision Realization of the World’s Smallest 0.56μm Pixel Technology

OmniVision: World's Smallest 0.56μm Pixel Technology

OmniVision: World’s Smallest 0.56μm Pixel Technology

Recently, the domestic CMOS manufacturer OmniVision Technology officially announced the realization of the world’s smallest 0.56μm pixel technology. OmniVision said the R&D team has verified that even if the individual pixel size is already smaller than the wavelength, the reduced pixel size is not limited by the incident light wavelength.

According to the information released by OmniVision, its 0.56μm pixel design is realized using TSMC’s 28nm process dedicated to CMOS image sensors, while the logic wafer uses a 22nm process node. The pixel uses deep photodiodes and OmniVision’s PureCell Plus technology, enabling it to achieve QPD and QE performance comparable to its 0.61μm pixel.

The first 0.56 µm pixel die will be implemented in 200MP image sensors for smartphones in Q2 2022, with samples targeted for Q3. Consumers can expect to see new smartphones that contain the world’s smallest pixel available on the market in early 2023.



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