Nubia Z40 Pro Appearance Officially Announced

Nubia Z40 Pro Appearance

Nubia Z40 Pro Appearance

Previously Nubia’s new flagship Z40 Pro has officially announced that the new machine will be officially released at 14:00 on the 25th. In today’s morning, the official directly and generously gave the official diagram of the real machine showing Nubia Z40 Pro appearance.

The design of the rear lens module is almost identical to that of the Z30 Pro, except that the 35mm portrait focal length lens is given a circle of standard red, and the detailed parameter information of the lens is given, so the design, coupled with the black and silver color scheme of the new machine, looks very coordinated, and the tone is also enhanced, with some business and geeky model.

Nubia Z40 Pro Appearance

In addition this time in the image, the official also warmed up that will calculate photography for a comprehensive upgrade, but also brought a new Neovision 11, support lightning capture + star image + humanities image color system, in terms of photography is also considered to give their all.

It is understood that the Nubia Z40 Pro will use the industry’s only custom 35mm main camera, the world’s first joint custom Sony IMX787, which can bring SLR-level optical bokeh, f/1.6 large aperture, support OIS optical stabilization, full pixel focus, redefine the cell phone image.

Nubia previously said that this 35mm master lens can make aberrations reduced by 35%, light intake increased by 80%, sharpness increased by 78%, in addition to OIS optical stabilization + full pixel speed focus, can make the full scene film rate increased by 70%.

Throughout the market, the main camera of the phone, with a 26mm/24mm equivalent focal length. And 26mm, essentially a small wide-angle lens, taking into account the main angle of view and wide-angle, is a compromise choice in the early stages of cell phone photography.

And today, we have a very powerful wide-angle, very powerful telephoto, that for the main camera, why can not we be purer?

Many masters love the 35mm lens, such as the famous Bresson, Marc Louboutin, and so on. This is the famous French photographer Bresson’s 1958 work “Boy”, is one of his “decisive moment” series of masterpieces.

The 35mm lens is the closest to the actual field of view of the human eye and is also known as the most humanistic and most storytelling lens.

said, Ni Fei

Core configuration, Nubia Z40 Pro equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, also joined the design of magnetic charging, which is also the first Android phone to support magnetic charging models.

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