RedMagic 7 Series Official Renderings Hides Front Camera While Revealing 2 Transparent Edition

RedMagic 7 Series Official Renderings

RedMagic 7 Series Official Renderings

Today, the RedMagic cell phone official officially released RedMagic 7 Series official renderings, showing the appearance of the series of two cell phones design, including the front of the full-screen without digging holes.

From the renders, the RedMagic 7 Series will feature a transparent rear shell design, with the active cooling fan, RGB light band, and other decorative back panels inside the phone slimly visible.

In addition, judging from the camera arrangement, the RedMagic 7 Series will have two phones, one with a vertical triple camera module and the other with a rectangular triple camera module, both of which will be powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processors.

From the official pictures given, we can see that the UDC under-screen camera version of the RedMagic 7 in addition to the front lens to the screen and can not see the traces, the screen around the bezel is also very narrow, especially for a straight screen, such width to the current cell phone market is unique, but hopefully, this is not just the effect of the picture.

About the UDC, the official detailed explanation is below:

In addition, the UDC Pro screen display chip equipped with the RedMagic 7 series has intelligent pixel enhancement and intelligent optimization of the display of two major control units for more accurate and synchronized display effects and better consistency.

The world’s first Snapdragon 8 Gen1 gaming phone was cut off by the Redmi K50 Gaming Edition, but the world’s first under-screen Snapdragon 8 Gen1 gaming phone should be none other than the RedMagic 7.


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