Check-out Redmi X Mercedes-AMG F1 Invitation for Redmi K50 Gaming Edition

Redmi X Mercedes-AMG F1 Invitation for Redmi K50 Gaming Edition

Redmi X Mercedes-AMG F1 Invitation for Redmi K50 Gaming Edition

Last week, the official Redmi finally announced that the first new K50 Gaming Edition will be released in the evening of the 16th of this month, immediately after, in addition to the exposure of the machine’s configuration information, but also rumors that Redmi this time will be and well-known car brand Mercedes-Benz cooperation relationship, today, this news is finally officially confirmed.

Redmi X Mercedes-AMG F1

The official Redmi cell phone microblogging site posted this morning, “A new CP is born: Redmi X Mercedes-AMG F1 Team! As the exclusive cell phone partner, together we explore the ultimate performance. AMG, the “Mercedes” premium performance brand. Mercedes-AMG F1 Team, the legendary “eight champions” of Formula 1. The speedy encounter, the strong team, 100% competitive genes of the new hardcore glory.”

The Redmi also shared the invitation to the K50 Gaming Edition for the first time, since the cooperation with the Mercedes-AMG F1 team, the invitation is of course full of automotive elements. The large black box is covered with bling glitter sand, after lifting the lid, the three main items of the invitation will appear in front of you, respectively: invitation card, cooling material acrylic plate, and a Mercedes-AMG F1 team racing model.

It is reported that AMG is a high-end performance brand of Mercedes, while the F1 team is a Formula 1 team composed of AMG, with the legend of “eight champions” in the race. Redmi exclusive partner official announcement: AMG F1 team official said, as the exclusive cell phone partner, hand in hand to explore the ultimate performance, 100% competitive genes of the new hardcore glory, the corresponding model is Redmi K50 gaming version.

Redmi K50 Gaming Edition’s most of the design inspiration taken from sports cars, such as the rear camera Deco design, after 3D three-dimensional cutting process, with 16 million colors breathing light, shaped like car lights. At the same time, the sports car air inlet is a design reference, the soundhole design through the curved 3D cutting, with symmetrical double teardrop-shaped openings. In addition, the back cover is symmetrical X-shaped, inspired by the rear wing of a sports car, to enhance the sense of refinement, recognition, the machine will be officially released on February 16.

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