RedMagic 7 Series is equipped with UDC Full-screen

RedMagic 7 Series is equipped with UDC

RedMagic 7 Series is equipped with UDC

RedMagic will hold a new conference on February 17 to release its new RedMagic 7 Series’gaming phones. This afternoon, the RedMagic gaming phone officially announced that the RedMagic 7 Series is equipped with UDC non-porous full-screen, the industry’s first UDC under-display camera true full-screen gaming phone, 100% unobstructed.

RedMagic 7 UDC under-display camera uses the first tripod-type pixel arrangement, multi-drive ACE circuit design, light transmission rate increased by 20%; the first wave-type electrode, using 7 layers of highly transparent materials, clearer selfie effect; and equipped with UDC Pro screen display chip, more accurate display effect.

Officially, the RedMagic 7 series is equipped with an ICE magic cooling system, VC average thermal plate area reached 41,279mm², compared to the previous generation increased by 300%, while the built-in ultra-soft high thermal conductivity rare earth materials, can quickly export the core heat.

In terms of charging, the series is equipped with a 165W GaN charger and supports up to 135W Magic Flash fast charging, both of which can fully charge the whole machine in 15 minutes at breakneck speed.

In other configurations, the RedMagic 7 features a 6.8-inch 1080P resolution OLED straight screen, support for under-screen fingerprint recognition, and a 64-megapixel triple rear camera.


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