Fast Charging of the Redmi K50 Gaming Edition Surpassing the Xiaomi 12 Pro

Fast Charging of the Redmi K50 Gaming Edition

Fast Charging of the Redmi K50 Gaming Edition

After the design, display, and camera parameters warm-up, Redmi announced this afternoon the fast charging of the Redmi K50 Gaming Edition. Officially announced that the K50 Gaming Edition is equipped with 120W divine second charge and a battery capacity of 4700mAh, which can be fully charged in just 17 minutes, surpassing the Xiaomi 12 Pro official standard of 18 minutes.

According to the time, the K50 gaming version should be dual-cell, not the Xiaomi 12 Pro’s single-cell, so the charging speed has been improved. Officially, the K50 Gaming Edition is designed to be filled with speed to create a high-quality program, equipped with MTW multi-pole ear battery technology, not only smaller internal resistance, but heat is also lower, in addition, dual-cell design can be more efficient.

According to the official poster, the machine is equipped with what is expected to be a new custom data cable with an L-shaped interface, making it easy to hold with both hands during the charging process.

Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi’s public relations department, explained on Weibo today that this “Air Refueling” technology will improve the “Charging While Playing” aspect and is called a “Charging Experience Breakthrough”.

Lu Weibing pointed out that this is a difficult operation, just like “air refueling”, to solve the charging, cooling, computing three systems of balanced collaboration, but also from the whole machine design to change. The actual test charging speed is greatly improved, and even “lap” the opponent.


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