Legion Y700 Promotional Video Showing Variety of Scenarios for Use

Legion Y700 Promotional Video

Legion Y700 Promotional Video

According to the news released by Lenovo’s customer marketing staff, the Legion Y700 will be officially released on the 28th of this month. Today, Lenovo Legion officially released the Legion Y700 Promotional video, showing a variety of scenarios for the use of this gaming tablet.

Legion Y700 Promotional Video

In the preview video, the advantages of the Legion Y700’s small size are on full display. The size that can be easily held makes it capable of handling a lot of two-handed gaming scenarios and taking into account the tablet’s field of view advantage. The smaller size also allows it to be carried around in a pocket for portability.

It is reported that the Legion Y700 gaming tablet will feature an 8.8-inch 2K 120Hz screen, a Snapdragon 870 processor, a 6550mAh battery for about 6 hours of continuous operation for mainstream games, and 45W wired charging.

In terms of heat dissipation, thanks to the larger size of the tablet, the Legion Y700 was able to maintain 58.3fps throughout the test of “Original God” and keep the maximum temperature at 44.5°C, while “Honor of King” was able to maintain a maximum temperature of 36.5°C while stabilizing 119.1fps.


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