Vivo NEX Fold Display Configuration Exposure

Vivo NEX Fold Display Configuration

Vivo NEX Fold Display Configuration

This year, the Vivo also has the full line of the product line-up: mid-range product line is T and S, X series positioning continue to explore up. High-end product line iQOO Pro to explore new technologies, Vivo X Pro+ high-end imaging flagship, Vivo NEX high-end business flagship.

About Vivo NEX Fold, years ago there was news that “the industry’s first hardware new technology, screen, imaging and fast charging in the folding screen are TOP level”, so people are looking forward to it. And Vivo has applied for trademarks for “NEX Fold”, “NEX Slide” and “NEX Roll”, which means that Vivo will soon enter the folding screen phone market and will soon meet with consumers.

The blogger said this Vivo NEX Fold screen configuration, the outer screen with a single hole in the micro-curved design, supports FHD+ resolution, for the normal ratio; the inner screen, the right half of the center single hole, support QHD+ resolution, the ratio is close to square. And both inside and outside the screen is a 120Hz adaptive high brush.


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