Redmi K50 Gaming Edition’s First Look And Release Date Officially Announced

Redmi K50 Gaming Edition's First Look And Release Date

Redmi K50 Gaming Edition’s First Look And Release Date

In today’s morning Lu Weibing finally officially announced the release date of the Redmi K50. Lu Weibing stated, “Redmi opening year masterpiece, named “Redmi K50 Gaming Edition” released on February 16! Build a hardcore Dream Phone. Cold-blooded flagship: gaming standards, to create higher performance and stronger cooling. Full line of pulling full: unreserved configuration upgrade, living up to expectations. The opening of the year bomb field, leading the whole year product upgrades!”

In addition in the text with the picture the Redmi K50 Gaming Edition’s official first look of rear shell has finally been unveiled, you can see that the overall or a continuation of the previous generation K40 Gaming Edition of the setting, but in the color scheme more aggressive, the entity of the lift button has also been retained, convenient for gamers to operate.

The machine will be equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, triple rear camera with breathing lights, in addition to the standard version is also expected to be unveiled together with this launch.


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