Redmi K50 Gaming Edition And Mercedes AMG Joint Design Leaked While Official Reveals Key Highlights

Redmi K50 Gaming Edition And Mercedes AMG Joint Design | Redmi K50 Gaming Edition Key Highlights

Redmi K50 Gaming Edition And Mercedes AMG Joint Design | Redmi K50 Gaming Edition Key Highlights

Redmi’s opening year flagship new machine K50 Gaming Edition finally had an official announcement this morning, the machine will be released live at 19:00 on the evening of the 16th of this month, called “full-line pull full of the cold-blooded flagship”, although the official only gave a picture, omnipotent netizens still dug out more news.

According to the pictures circulated on Weibo by, the K50 Gaming Edition and the AMG brand of Mercedes-Benz reached exclusive co-branding cooperation, will play on the back of the phone case on the Mercedes-Benz trident logo and AMG logo, it can be said that the style is full, the tone is also a lot higher.

Although the official confirmation of the co-branding has not yet been given, a few of Redmi’s pre-blogs this afternoon also seem to suggest that the machine has a great relationship with the car, such as “people are tougher than cars, harnessing the strength is strong, Redmi K50 Gaming Edition challenge “the coldest Snapdragon 8 Gen1″ to release the extreme performance”, so it seems that the Redmi K50 Gaming Edition and Mercedes AMG cooperation should also be confirmed.

In addition, Lu Weibing also posted about the positioning of the K50 gaming edition, saying. “The Redmi K50 Gaming Edition is the pinnacle of performance for the K50 series. K-series users know the product best, focus on performance and experience. The most critical scenario for performance is gaming, and the most critical scenario for experience is also a gaming. K50 gaming edition is to polish the extreme performance, extreme heat dissipation, extreme control, extreme vibration feeling, extreme charging, and even extreme hand feeling with the standard of gaming.”

After the official announcement of the launch time, the official also many times for the new machine to warm up, the main Redmi K50 Gaming Edition key highlights are now in the performance, in the performance of almost equipped with the industry’s strongest specifications.

The first processor is naturally a Snapdragon 8 Gen1, which is currently the strongest chip in Android mass production, but also with LPDDR5 and UFS3.1 storage combination, and VRS (variable resolution rendering) in the running speed of the basic top.

The official preview claims that the machine is equipped with an exclusive self-developed “IO Turbo Read/Write Engine”, which further breaks through the read/write bottleneck by reconfiguring the file read/write architecture from traditional single-threaded read/write to multi-threaded. It has been verified that the decompression speedup is 100% and the copy speedup is 300%.

But the powerful performance will inevitably bring too much heat effect, in this case, heat dissipation is one of the nodes that have the greatest impact on the final performance, if not done well in heat dissipation, it is difficult to get more optimization through the system scheduling later on.

And to perfectly play the performance level of the hardware, the K50 gaming version will also be equipped with 4861mm² industry’s largest dual VC cooling system, and the use of a new generation of stainless steel VC, cooling performance increased by 40%, cooling performance directly crushed the mainstream flagship, can squeeze the limit of the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 performance, to achieve a lasting high load output.

According to the news, the K50 gaming version may be the strongest performance flagship in the K50 universe, in addition to the performance of heat dissipation and performance, fast charging, game control is also almost stacked, which will take over the previous generation of K40 “flagship welder” name.

Previously, it has been officially announced that the K50 gaming version will support the divine second charge Pro, which can be fully charged within 17 minutes through a full-blooded 120W fast charge.

In the game control, K50 Gaming Edition also continues the K40 gaming enhanced version of the highly acclaimed physical shoulder keys design, using magnetic-floating design, when not playing the game can be perfectly hidden, after entering the game can be turned into a “four-finger god of war”, white can become a game god.


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