Snapdragon 8 Gen1 rule Android performance list for January 2022

Snapdragon 8 Gen1 Mobile Platform Family

Snapdragon 8 Gen1 rule Android performance list

Today, AnTuTu released the Android performance list for January 2022. What is remarkable is that the list within the top 10 smartphones, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen1 rule the list as accounted for the first seven, nearly butchered the list.

The list shows that the first model in the iQOO 9 Pro, equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, has an average score of 1020974. AnTuTu said, iQOO 9 Pro can break through a million is not easy, which is expected, many Snapdragon 888 models last year, the iQOO 8 Pro has a good performance, is the highest average score of conventional models. Together with the independent display chip, Pro carries part of the GPU pressure, allowing the GPU to maintain high frequency for a longer period.

The second model is iQOO 9 Standard Edition, the same Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, with an average score of 1020156, the two scores are similar, probably because of cost constraints and other factors, thermal stack and the first ranked iQOO 9 Pro are slightly different.

The third model is Realme GT2 Pro, also equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, the average score of 1000641, and iQOO 9 gaps are not large. Because of the use of diamond cooling, as well as a large area of tempered VC, can maintain a longer period of high frequency, coupled with 512GB large storage, for MEM performance has also improved.

There are also the OnePlus 10 Pro, Xiaomi 12 Pro, Motorola Edge X30, Xiaomi 12, and other Snapdragon 8 Gen1 equipped models, with an average runtime score of more than 900,000. Among them, OnePlus and Xiaomi can manually open high-performance mode to achieve higher scores, of course, power consumption will also be increased.

AnTuTu said, according to the current score, in addition to iQOO 9 series frequency pulled higher, the rest of the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 models equipped with performance differences are not large, most manufacturers have chosen a more conservative tuning program.

The last in line is equipped with Snapdragon 888 Plus gaming phones, such as the Black Shark 4S Pro and RedMagic 6S Pro, the two alternatives, can not be compared with the conventional flagship, iQOO 8 Pro, for example, the average runtime of about 850,000, compared to the first iQOO 9 Pro, we can conclude that the current Snapdragon 8 Gen1 performance compared to the previous generation improved by 20% About.

Next is the mid-range cell phone, cell phone brands are not the same but equipped with a Snapdragon processor. Last year, due to the lack of a core, mid-range processor updates slowed down, Qualcomm only Snapdragon 778G optional, which can be seen from the list of models, most models are equipped with Snapdragon 778G, as for MediaTek, the Dimensity 1200 and Dimensity 1100 belong to the high-end processor, temporarily not classified as mid-range, only MediaTek Dimensity 900 models on the list.

Ranked first is equipped with Snapdragon 778G iQOO Z5, the average score of 570948, by comparing sub scores found that the main advantage of iQOO Z5 is MEM scores, in addition to 12 + 256GB large storage advantage, the machine is also equipped with a full-blooded version of LPDDR5 (6400Mbps) + full-blooded version of UFS3.1 (the new V6 process), in the current mid-range models It is a unique class.

Second place Honor 60 Pro, the average score of 544893, equipped with Snapdragon 778G Plus, still using TSMC 6nm process, four A78 architecture large core, the highest frequency up to 2.5GHz, CPU single-core performance increased by 4%, GPU performance increased by 7%, the overall view should be the high-frequency version of Snapdragon 778G.

Comparison of sub-scores found that the Honor 60 Pro and iQOO Z5 CPU and GPU scores are not much different, but the difference in MEM scores is greater, iQOO Z5 more advantageous.

The third model is OPPO Reno7 5G, equipped with Snapdragon 778G, with an average score of 541200 the mid-range cell phone CPU and GPU performance gap is not large, mainly in other configurations whether to spare materials.

Other models are equipped with Snapdragon 778G, there is nothing to say, the current high-end Snapdragon 870, Dimensity 1200 these processors top, is expected to have a new mid-range processor debut only in the second half of this year.

Overall, the flagship cell phone ranking has changed significantly, Snapdragon 8 Gen1 models on sale listed, taking over Snapdragon 888/Plus models, performance is also completed an iterative upgrade. Heat generation, according to current user feedback, Snapdragon 8 Gen1 models still seem less than ideal, but now is still in the early stages of polishing, after subsequent updates, I hope to improve.

As for MediaTek, last year’s release of the Dimensity 9000 processor, it is said that there will be a corresponding terminal debut, many users are also eagerly awaiting, is expected to change the performance list Qualcomm a dominant status quo.


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