Legion Y90 Cooling Architecture Unveiled Claiming 3x Performance

Legion Y90 Cooling Architecture

Legion Y90 Cooling Architecture

The beginning of each year is the time for major manufacturers to release new phones, and Lenovo is no exception. Today Lenovo’s new gaming phone, the Legion Y90, was officially unveiled its cooling architecture.

Lenovo Legion Y90 Dual Engine Air-Cooled Gaming Phone, unlike fans that just circulate air inside the phone, Legion Y90 cooling architecture with dual fans + cooling fins archive the temperature difference between incoming and outgoing air can reach 25 degrees.

Fan’s cooling capacity is 3 times higher than the previous generation, which can provide about 4W performance release. With the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 and dual fans, the effect is better than the VC alone.

Legion Y90 is equipped with a 6.9-inch Samsung E4 OLED screen, supporting a 144Hz refresh rate and a maximum 720Hz touch sampling rate, the resolution is 1080P, such a high touch sampling rate, I think the phone will have a good performance with the hand.

Other aspects, the Legion Y90 has a built-in 5600mAh battery, supports 68W fast charging, weighs 252g, is 10.9mm at its thickest point, and comes in up to 9 colorways.


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