Google Web-based Calculator Gives Best Solution to iPad Users

Google Web-based Calculator for iPad

(Image Source: wccftech)

Google Web-based Calculator

As we know that Apple does not have a calculator app pre-installed on the iPad. Although users can download third-party calculator apps from the App Store, it seems very logical for Apple to launch a calculator app for iPad since iPadOS is very productivity-oriented.

Besides downloading a third-party calculator app, Google’s web-based calculator is a solution that brings a calculator to the iPad. Google’s solution for the calculator on the iPad comes as a web app, rather than a dedicated standalone app. The calculator requires users to be online to use it, though once the calculator web app is loaded in the browser, users can continue to use it offline.

Google web-based calculator is not just for iPad, it also works on any browser on any phone, PC, or tablet by just visiting Google calculator’s web page. Since Apple sells the iPad as a computer, it seems only right to provide a calculator app for it, so keep looking forward to Apple’s official iPad calculator app.


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