Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Comes with Super-Resolution Algorithm

Samsung S22 Series Comes with Super Resolution Algorithm

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Super-Resolution Algorithm

On February 9, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series of phones will be officially unveiled, but unexpected its official PPT leaked in advance, almost leaving this upcoming new machine without any suspense.

In addition to the hardware specifications consistent with previous leaks, the PPT also reveals several new features of the S22 Series, including a new “Super-Resolution Algorithm” feature in terms of photography.

According to the PPT, thanks to the new generation of SOC in the ISP performance, the upcoming S22 series can use its main camera’s 50MP/108MP native mode, and the synthesis of the 12MP mode combined with the former’s details and the latter’s brightness information, so that the final film has a clearer performance.

Although the 108 megapixels main camera has existed since the Galaxy S20 series, it has previously only supported pixel synthesis mode and native mode for separate imaging, and it is the first time that two modes of the same main camera have been used to enhance the final image.

This time the Samsung Galaxy S22 series although the rear camera hardware changes little, with the new algorithm support, can also be very worth looking forward to. In addition, it is reported that this time Samsung also added a new AI resolution function, which can reverse AI to enhance the clarity of the 108MP mode, and combined with 12MP mode to improve the brightness performance of this model.

According to the Ice Universe, the 108-megapixel photo volume of the enhanced mode is larger, increasing from 22.9MB to 32.27MB, and also requires up to 2 seconds of background processing time when taking photos. But the final imaging details and post space are worth waiting for.

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