RedMagic 7 Under-screen Camera Version First Look Revealed Along with Transparent Design

RedMagic 7 Under-screen Camera Version

RedMagic 7 Under-screen Camera Version

These two years because of the flagship chip heat and power problems, the regular flagship generally does not dare to crazy heaps of heat and battery to protect the performance experience, but instead gave more market for the gaming phone that was not previously favored, more and more game party will choose the game phone.

However, all along with the gaming phone to ensure the visual integrity and operability generally will use the screen effect of the upper and lower sides of the large black edge to avoid the visual obscuration brought by the hole, there are many users can not accept. And now, the model that can completely solve this problem.

Nubia’s gaming phone brand RedMagic has released a short video today, in which the appearance of its RedMagic 7 Gaming Phone is revealed for the first time.

RedMagic 7 Under-screen Camera Version

As you can see from the video, the RedMagic 7 features a similar design to its predecessor, with a rear vertical triple camera-lens combination, where the flash is designed to look like an Iron Man reactor, very much with a mechanical sci-fi feel, and also the RGB fan on the left side of the flash is particularly dazzling, a configuration used by the previous generation of RedMagic gaming phones.

RedMagic 7 front screen has a full-screen design without any punch-hole or cutouts and a very narrow bezel all around, which is very impressive for a gaming phone. There are still heat sinks on the bezel, so the internal heat can be discharged from these openings when the player is playing.

At the same time, Digital Chat Station also confirmed that RedMagic 7 under-screen camera version is also released along with the standard and pro versions. The device will also be the world’s first under-screen front camera gaming phone, capable of achieving a true full-screen effect.

As for the specifications, the core will be equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip and 18GB super memory, which is currently the highest performance specification on the phone, together with a 20,000 rpm active cooling fan, which can bring the phone performance to the extreme. The screen is a 165Hz ultra-high refresh rate OLED screen, just this number also corresponds to its 165W super fast charging.

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