Official Mention Xiaomi 12U Oversized Cup Flagship

Xiaomi 12U

Xiaomi 12U

As we all know, the last generation of Xiaomi 11 Ultra positioning is “Android Light”, it debuted with Xiaomi and Samsung jointly built GN2 50 megapixel custom main camera, with a 1/1.12-inch super large bottom, while adding Xiaomi’s research night lord algorithm, comprehensive strength butcher list DXOMARK.

Today, Wang Teng Thomas, general manager of Xiaomi’s Henan branch, said on Weibo that he was going to break the news about Xiaomi 12U at 8 pm tonight during the live broadcast. The 12U here should be the Xiaomi oversized cup flagship 12 Ultra, which will be the most powerful imaging flagship in Xiaomi’s history, and we have new news tonight.

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Now Xiaomi 12 Ultra is expected to continue the image advantage of Xiaomi 11 Ultra, with Xiaomi’s self-developed image algorithm and full focal length camera, Xiaomi 12 Ultra topping current camera flagship is almost no difficulty.

It is worth noting that Xiaomi 12 Ultra is expected to debut the imaging system jointly created by Xiaomi and Leica. This cooperation between the two sides on the one hand is once again to enhance the image strength of Xiaomi cell phones, on the other hand, the cooperation between the two sides is expected to help Xiaomi stand firm in the ultra-high-end cell phone market.


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