Redmi K50 CyberEngine Ultra-wide Band Motor Officially Detailed

Redmi K50 CyberEngine Ultra-wide Band Motor

Redmi K50 CyberEngine Ultra-wide Band Motor

In today’s afternoon, the Redmi cell phone officially announced that the Redmi K50 universe is with the world’s first CyberEngine ultra-wideband motor. Officially, the code name 1016, may be the strongest X-axis motor vibration in the history of Android, maybe the largest size of Android, the largest amount of vibration, the widest frequency.

Redmi K50 CyberEngine Ultra-wide Band Motor

Officially, Redmi K50 CyberEngine is the original point of this design is customized for the future gaming console, meta-universe devices, with 560mm³ volume, as well as 50Hz-500Hz ultra-wide frequency, while the only 130Hz resonance frequency of Android, claimed to be comparable to the iPhone, steady-state vibration volume is commonly used 0809 motor 3 times.

CyberEngine ultra-wide frequency motor is built by AAC Technology, with a low power consumption of 0.12W and a maximum vibration volume of up to 1.1Grms, equivalent to 1.88Grms for conventional X-axis linear motors, the first X-axis linear motor that surpasses in all aspects, both in terms of performance parameters and haptic experience.

CyberEngine, the world’s first ultra-wideband motor, is extraordinary when you see it! By the RichTap team of AAC Technology, we have gathered resources from multiple teams and collaborated carefully in multiple fields, and after three years of advanced hardware manufacturing and precise software algorithm tuning, we have released the CyberEngine!

Said, AAC Technology.

According to the official statement, the ultra-wide frequency motor is customized for the gamepad, so it seems to correspond to the Redmi K50 Gaming Edition, the first masterpiece of the series, and the same statement was made in the previous blast.

In addition, the machine also has Snapdragon 8 Gen1, dual VC, 120W fast charging, and other features, further sitting on the verification of the K50 Gaming Edition. Previous sources said that the Redmi K50 Gaming Edition features a 6.67-inch screen, side fingerprint recognition, retains the gaming shoulder key, body circumference 162 × 76.8 × 8.45mm, battery capacity of 4700mAh, and weight of 210g.

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