OnePlus will Push New Mid-range to Benchmark iQOO

OnePlus will Push New Mid-range

OnePlus will Push New Mid-range

Ever since OnePlus officially joined OPPO as its sub-brand, there has been more and more technology sharing between OnePlus and OPPO. Today, according to some digital bloggers brought the news that a whole in the planning of a new product line in the 2000-3000 price range, the main performance, and gaming experience, such phones will be equipped with flagship processors + high-quality straight screen, the overall feeling will be a bit like iQOO, while from this configuration and planning is not difficult to see, the benchmark brand iQOO will naturally be one of them.

A few days ago OPPO China President Li Jie also said in a media interview, the future of the OnePlus cell phone in addition to high-end flagship route, will add a mid-range product line to meet the performance, the pursuit of gaming experience consumers, it seems to say that this new machine.

In addition, yesterday’s exposure of OPPO’s newest flagship Find X5 Pro has officially hit the Hasselblad logo, this is OnePlus’s and Hasselblad contract after the certification, and OPPO as the parent company to use it is also very normal, but also visible that the relationship between the two has become increasingly close.


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