OnePlus Magnetic Rotating Camera Phone Demoed Through Renders and Video

OnePlus Magnetic Rotating Camera Phone

OnePlus Magnetic Rotating Camera Phone

In the past two years, the homogenization of the smartphone market has been very serious, most flagships are the same, the current basic punch-hole screen, rear three cameras, and other configurations, it is difficult to shine.

This also makes many users directly lose interest in changing the machine, manufacturers are also very clear about this problem and began to solve it. Today, Letsgodigital has produced a rendering of a new machine based on a patent exposed for the OnePlus Magnetic Rotating Camera phone, which is very different from the current conventional phones.

The new machine is very similar to the current model in terms of design, with a curved screen perforated in the upper left corner of the front, but with a quadruple curved surface instead of a double-curved surface, which is almost integrated with the curved back.

The biggest highlight of this new machine is still in the back, in the upper part of the body is equipped with a very large camera module, the most important thing is that there is only one camera, which is completely absent in today’s flagship phone market.

According to the patent, this huge camera can also support automatic rotation, similar to the pop-up front camera of the previous two years, which is mechanically rotatable. It is said that the lens can be rotated 180-degree, so users can easily change the composition and shoot from difficult angles, such as enabling panoramic photography and other functions.

OnePlus Magnetic Rotating Camera Phone Video

In addition to rotating shooting mode, this unique OnePlus magnetic rotating camera smartphone is also able to form an anti-shake system in the axial shake to offset camera shake, which will greatly improve the probability of becoming a film and ensure the quality of the finished film. In addition, this new camera also has the support of Hasselblad technology, under the joint tuning of both sides, which should bring a very unique imaging effect. Do you think such a single camera can work well?

At the end of 2020, OnePlus technology in China applied for a “camera module and electronic devices” patent. The document was approved in June 2021 and was also submitted to the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) to protect the patented technology worldwide. As a patent, it’s not clear if or when OnePlus will bring this camera system to the phone.


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