Xiaomi Mix 5 and Vivo Nex 5 Has Full Focal Length Sensor and Co-branded Imaging

Xiaomi Mix 5 and Vivo Nex 5 Has Full Focal Length Sensor

(In Picture: Vivo NEX 3)

Xiaomi Mix 5 and Vivo Nex 5 Has Full Focal Length Sensor

At present, the product planning of Xiaomi cell phones is very clear, the first half of the main digital series flagship, the second half of the year is the MIX series flagship. Among them, the digital series flagship will focus on bucket-level experience, in all aspects of the specifications are the industry’s top configuration.

On other hand, the MIX series will focus on technology exploration, mainly for some enthusiasts and other people, in some aspects may not be comprehensive, but will bring exploratory technology, such as under-screen front camera, self-research chips, and so on. Vivo also follows the same concept for X Series and Nex Series respectively.

Digital Chat Station today revealed that the yet to be released Xiaomi MIX5 and Vivo NEX5 (tentative name) have top image strength, hardware has a large base full focal length sensor, algorithms and others such as Leica, Zeiss class cross-border co-branding cooperation, quite forced, and there is a good fast charging program.

Xiaomi Mix 5 and Vivo Nex 5 Has Full Focal Length Sensor

This means that MIX 5 and Vivo Nex 5 will bring new exploration technology in the image and fast charging, and may have a major co-branding in photography, combined with many previous rumors, this co-branding is likely to be Leica for Xiaomi and Zeiss for Vivo.

In previous years, Huawei has been through the joint name with Leica, the image to the top of the world, and stand firm high-end positioning, now Xiaomi joint on Leica, not only can improve the photography effect, and is expected to further impact, stand firm high-end market.

It is worth mentioning that previously reported that Xiaomi MIX 5 Pro (L1) is close to release, Xiaomi MIX 5 and MIX 5 Pro are already in the final stage of development and also registered the corresponding trademark abroad. The Xiaomi MIX 5 Pro will allegedly be equipped with the next-generation Surge C2 chip, while the base Xiaomi MIX 5 (L1A) will not.


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