Black Shark 5 Series “Katyusha and Patriot” Two Models Exposure

Black Shark 5 Series Models

Black Shark 5 Series Models

In today’s morning, the Black Shark technology CEO issued a statement, “as long as the players’ love for the game does not die, the black shark game phone will always be with you.

Previously in media rumors circulated that, “Tencent plans to purchase black shark technology”, some netizens guess, Luo Zhou, these words may be the response to “acquisition rumors”, emphasizing that “black shark mobile phone will always be in the same.”

The next generation of the Black Shark 5 series is expected to debut after the Chinese New Year, with two versions: standard versions and a Pro version. According to the news, the standard version of Black Shark 5 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus flagship processor, while Black Shark 5 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 flagship processor, both of which support 120W super-fast charging and adopt the form of perforated screen.

According to the Digital Chat Station, Black Shark 5 series of gaming phones in the normal iteration, two new machine development codes Katyusha and Patriot, KTUS-A0 have been filed. Standard upgrade around 4600 dual-core 100-watt flash charge, the inescapable Snapdragon 8 Gen1, and stronger ultra-high brush screen and JOYUI system based on Android 12 underlying magic MIUI.

Black Shark 5 Series Models

It is worth noting that the Black Shark has applied SSD storage to the phone, which Luo Yuyi Zhou called “pioneering the Android camp”. It is reported that the Black Shark introduced a custom NVME SSD in the Black Shark 4S Pro, and also took the lead in introducing a disk array solution in the industry, bringing the PC SSD to cell phones, which has significantly improved the storage read and write performance, making the storage speed of cell phones a revolutionary improvement. Not surprisingly, the Black Shark 5 series will inherit this feature and its performance is expected.

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