iPhone SE 3 CAD Renders Reveals Overall Design: Coming in March-April

iPhone SE 3 CAD Renders

iPhone SE 3 CAD Renders

According to Mark Gurman, Apple is already planning its first event in 2022. He believes that Apple is currently preparing for a launch event in March or April when it will launch an iPhone SE model with 5G network support.

Via Bloomberg’s PowerOn newsletter, Mark Gurman said the iPhone SE will be visually similar to the current iPhone SE which is based on the iPhone 8, and that the new model will be primarily an internal upgrade, including a new chip and 5G connectivity.

Recently, XLEAKS7 and the Tentechreview shared iPhone SE 3 CAD renders, as well as the size. The renderings shows, the overall design of the iPhone SE 3 remains very similar in size to its predecessor, the iPhone SE 2020. The tipster claims it’s 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm (with a camera bump of 8.2 mm) and the screen measures about 131.3 x 60.2 mm, which means the new phone’s screen size is around 5.69 inches.

From the picture, the back of the phone still has only a single camera lens as well as a flash, and the Apple logo is in the middle of the back. Instead of a front design with large bezels and Touch ID. However, according to sources, the bangs details are still not 100% confirmed, but will probably see the same bangs as previous.

In addition, the right side of the device will offer a power button and SIM card slot, while the left side will have a volume button and mute switch, and the bottom will have a Lightning connector and speakers on both sides.

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