Redmi K50 Dimensity Edition Positioned Higher Than 8 Gen1 And More Powerful

Redmi K50 Dimensity Edition

Redmi K50 Dimensity Edition

Lu Weibing has officially announced the news of the first new K50 universe this week, which will be a gaming version of the K50, focusing on high performance and heat dissipation, other than that no other official news was given, however, there is still new information emerging from the rumors on the internet.

According to the news from Digital Chat Station, the K50 first launched the gaming version to use high specification cooling to suppress the high power Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, so that it can also have a better release in performance, with the excellent experience of the gaming version, the subsequent K50 standard version, and Pro can also be like a fish in water.

In addition, the K50 series will be launched with MediaTek’s Dimensity 9000 and Dimensity 8000 processor versions, the key is that their product positioning and specifications will be higher than Snapdragon 8 Gen1, which means that on Redmi’s side, MediaTek’s chips will finally win over Qualcomm Snapdragon for once.

The gaming version of the K50 will be officially released next month, after the Spring Festival at the earliest, so those who want to switch will have to be patient.


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