Legion Y90 Charging Speed And Battery Life Unveiled

Legion Y90 Charging Speed And Battery Life

Legion Y90 Charging Speed And Battery Life

Lenovo will soon launch the Legion Y90 dual-engine air-cooled gaming phone with a built-in active cooling turbofan. The phone features a rear-centered dual camera lens with a glowing RGB Legion Big Y logo in the middle, somewhat similar to its predecessor, the Legion 2 Pro. It has an asymmetrical design with a slightly raised center back and fans vents on the side bezels.

Lenovo Legion Y90 Gaming Phone Official Teaser

The front of the Lenovo Legion Y90 gaming phone also features a similar design to its predecessor, with the front lens in the upper right corner and the same upper and bezels expected to avoid shaped screens or perforated screens.

Now, according to Digital Chat Station, the Legion Y90 3C is certified and supports 68W super-fast charging. which is also the most mainstream flagship of Lenovo’s fast charging specifications.

Lenovo’s cell phone product manager previously said that the phone feels comfortable in the hand, with a very slight central bump. The phone is equipped with a high-performance Snapdragon 8 Gen1, plus reasonable performance scheduling, aggressive adaptive refresh rate strategy, large battery, and a great gaming experience.

Recently, the Lenovo official revealed Legion Y90 gaming phone battery life performance. The machine uses more than 1 day time remaining 30% power, the battery life performance can be quite strong. The previous generation Legion 2 Pro was equipped with a battery capacity of 5000mAh, and it is speculated that the capacity of the Legion Y90 may be 5500mAh or even higher.

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