Lenovo Legion Y90 Official Promo Reveal Complete Gaming Phone Design

Lenovo Legion Y90 Official Promo

Lenovo Legion Y90 Official Promo

Today’s news, Lenovo’s gaming phone brand Legion gaming phone officially released Legion Y90 Official promo video, announced the real appearance of its new flagship 2022 gaming phone.

Lenovo Legion Y90 Official Promo

The video shows that the Legion Y90 is similar to its predecessor in terms of overall design style, a slightly raised center back and fan vents on the side, with a large camera module on the back, which differentiates the left and right sides of the phone to give users a better feel when holding the phone horizontally to play games. In addition to the camera module, the middle part of the Legion Y90 also includes an adjustable Y logo lighting effect, which is only natural for a product that focuses on gaming.

The front screen, the machine does not use the current popular hole screen design but is still a complete screen retaining the upper and lower bezel, as to whether players accept the small hole to bring better visual effects or no hole to bring better screen integration, depending on the subsequent market feedback.

The product manager previously stated that the phone feels comfortable in the hand with a very slight central bulge. The phone is equipped with a high-performance processor, plus reasonable performance scheduling, aggressive adaptive refresh rate strategy, and a large battery for a great gaming experience.

The machine will also be equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip, while the large battery and fast charging will not be absent, the release time has not yet been announced, the fastest should also be after the spring festival.


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