Xiaomi Executive Reveal Cause of Third-party App Lag And Flashback on Xiaomi 12 Pro

Third-party App Lag And Flashback on Xiaomi 12 Pro

Third-party App Lag And Flashback on Xiaomi 12 Pro

Recently, some users feedback, Xiaomi 12 Pro occasionally appeared as part of the three-party App flashback problem. In this regard, Xiaomi cell phone system software department director Zhang Guoquan said, Xiaomi 12 Pro is Android S + ArmV9 parallel release, especially 64-bit compatibility, the Android ecology of the application adaptation brings great pressure.

Specifically, problems are affecting the third-party app lagging and flashing, as well as power consumption. In the development process, the Xiaomi software team and the third-parties App manufacturers jointly solve a lot of adaptation problems, and in the application store directly on the 64-bit area, but it is not perfect.

Zhang Guoquan said, with several new machines on the market, many recent app upgrade adaptation speed is significantly faster, but a key to switch friends, it is best to go to the application store to upgrade the app to the latest version or open the default upgrade option.

The reason for this is exposed. It is reported that the CPU architecture, Snapdragon 8 Gen1 is based on ArmV9 pure 64-bit instruction set to build 8-core Kryo. This is the first major version change since 2011, with years of v8 is finally pulling the curtain down, the new v9 to improve security and machine learning capabilities, while a comprehensive shift to 64-bit to improve operational efficiency. In addition, Xiaomi 12 Pro is running MIUI 13 based on Android 12, compared to Android 11 there are still some App compatibility problems.


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