Master-Sen Realme GT2 Pro Review

Realme GT2 Pro Review

Realme GT2 Pro Review


At the technology summit held by Qualcomm in early December, a host of manufacturers have announced to bring flagship phones equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor. Grab the first debut, the first is the most critical word, because no one will remember who the second is, but Realme is very interesting, its global marketing president Xu Qi said: “wonderful, the first people to you. If all goes well, Realme will be the second mobile brand in the world to release a Snapdragon 8 Gen1 flagship”.

Compared to the various debuts and the first batch, this global second title seems to have come out with a self-deprecating mentality, although it was eventually cut off by moto’s new machine to become the global third, according to the speed of releasing four new Snapdragon 8 Gen1 machines within a month (and the iQOO 9 Series on January 5), the global debut and ranking number one don’t seem to matter that much.

People who want to buy will never go to buy another brand of a new machine because of a few days in advance but will wait a few more days to buy the brand that they have been buying, this is not a matter of brand loyalty, but this a few days in advance but to re-adapt themselves to the new system of operation, completely unnecessary.

The first is not important, who first is not important, price and appearance and product focus is the direction of the user to go shopping. The specific configuration parameters of Realme GT2 Pro are as follows.

ModelRealme GT2 Pro
Display2K resolution, 3216 x 1440 pixels, 525PPI, Display Mate A+ certification, 1 billion color original color screen, maximum brightness 1400nit, 1-120HZ LTPO intelligent dynamic refresh rate, 1000HZ gaming control engine, Corning Gorilla Victus glass.
SoCSnapdragon 8 Gen1
256GB/512GB UFS3.1
Camera50MP Sony IMX 766 OIS main camera
50MP world premiere 150° ultra-wide-angle lens (Samsung JN1)
Microscope Lens 2.0
Front: 32MP ultra-clear lens
UnlockScreen fingerprint,
FaceWake facial recognition
Battery and Charging5000mAh large battery,
65W SuperDart flash charging
OSRealme UI 3.0 (based on Android 12)
SizeMaster Paper/Master Sen: 8.18mm, 189g (Glass Version 199g)
OtherDiamond ice core heat dissipation System Plus: 36761mm2 flat panel heat dissipation area/4129mm2 tempered VC; the world’s first ultra-wideband free switching antenna, 360° omni-directional induction enhanced version of NFC; the world’s first SLA0815 ultra-large X-axis linear motor, Dolby Atmos dual speakers, Hi-Res sound quality certification.
Realme GT2 Pro Specifications


The outer box is Realme classic design, the author received the highest version of the Master-Sen, that is, the Master-Paper green version, 12GB + 256GB, the front of the box has the signature of the chief designer – Naoto Fukasawa, who is most well known for his product design work with the Japanese retail company MUJI.

The box contains a charging head, data cable, three packs of manuals, and phone cases, all of which seem to go against the general theme of “environmental protection”, but in fact, Realme has done more than Apple in terms of environmental protection without reducing the box.

Realme GT2 Pro adopts environmentally friendly packaging, the entire box plastic ratio of only 0.3%, the font on the packaging also uses low toxicity, high repeatability, biodegradable soy ink, lift the upper layer of the packaging carton, a line of words are also clearly printed on the three-pack card box.

“A new life of technology in a piece of paper”, below is a line of small letters “extracted from paper, and ISCC environmental certification of bio-based materials, this time, was applied to the back case of the Realme GT2 Series Master-Paper and Master-Sen”.

On the front screen, the Realme GT2 Pro is equipped with a 6.7-inch Samsung AMOLED straight screen with a single cutout design in the upper left corner, a resolution of 3216×1440, 525 PPI, 1 billion color display, 100% P3 wide color gamut, support for 120Hz refresh rate and 1000Hz intelligent instant touch sampling, and also support for LTPO 2.0, which can recognize the software frame rate in real-time, quickly and accurately, and brand the best hardware refresh rate. When the whole scene is stationary, it can be as low as 1Hz.

For example, when you are swiping on Weibo and swiping at 120Hz when you stop to look at a certain picture, the screen will instantly decrease to 1Hz at a speed of 75ms, and then when you swipe again, the screen will quickly increase the refresh rate to 120Hz within 75ms. The whole process is very fast and almost imperceptible, and the benefit is that it saves up to 50% of power consumption and extends the life of the phone.

In addition, the screen has received an A+ DisplayMate rating, which is outstanding in a range of dimensions including clarity, brightness, and color accuracy, and it has a new seamless bezel that eliminates the screen mount problem and makes the phone only 1.68mm wider, which is very rare for a straight screen.

Flagship phones in the past two years because of the positioning of the problem will basically use curved or micro-curved screen, looks more upscale at the same time can also raise the price of the phone, but the actual experience is not good, especially in the gameplay, if the face is a nearly 90° curvature of the waterfall screen, it is almost disastrous, and the emergence of the Realme GT2 Pro to solve the problem of the market. Why don’t Android phones have a top-notch straight screen?

When you see the GT2 Pro, the answer is there, it is the top straight screen on the Android phone, and, most likely, the only one this year.

On the rear lens, the Realme GT2 Pro uses a combination of three lenses, three lenses are 50 megapixels Sony IMX776 OIS main camera, 1/1.56-inch large base, support OIS and EIS dual anti-shake; 50 megapixels Samsung JN1 ultra-wide-angle lens, the world’s first 150° ultra-wide-angle, support fisheye photo mode; microscope lens 2.0, support 40x magnification, upgrade 4x depth of field, upgrade 4.7mm object distance, world’s first skin texture detection function (requires subsequent OTA).

Compared to other flagship manufacturers on the big bottom, looking for co-branding, Realme on the GT2 series is very smart to use a playable lens as a way to confront, because professional photography may require learning costs, and picking up the phone can take a few photos to play is anyone can quickly get started.

The fisheye lens as early as in some cell phone apps have, but the native this is the first time, and 150° ultra-wide-angle can accommodate into more images, in the shooting of some super-large scenes may have some unexpected effects presented; microscope lens needless to say, in addition to the verification screen arrangement combination, Realme also gave him to add the skin detection function, so that the microscope not only have a playable also increased the practicality, look forward to the follow-up to see more new things on this lens.

The last thing to say is that the Realme GT2 Pro phone back case material, in the author’s opinion, this time in the back case efforts, Realme really let the author have some admiration for the feeling.

Before the official release, there was a prospective meeting, Realme said in detail what the GT2 Pro’s bio-based material back shell is, and what role it plays in environmental protection: bio-based is known as the key to a green future, extracted from renewable raw materials such as pulp, bio-based materials can reduce carbon emissions by up to 63%, through the ISCC international sustainability and carbon certification and other extremely stringent environmental protection. It is recognized as an excellent environmental material for the future.

Realme introduces new bio-based materials, and through complex processes and rigorous reliability testing, Realme GT2 Pro has a strong and stable appearance and structural design.

To put it bluntly, Realme used the material originally used as paper on the back of the phone after processing, and this material not only can reduce carbon emissions, but is also completely recyclable, and in this premise, its performance in all aspects also reached the level of traditional materials, both stable and environmentally friendly, adding nature’s materials to technology.

Here is another egg, the box of the two models of the Realme GT2 Pro Master version if you look closely, the texture and feel is the same as the back of the body, that is, they use the same material when you get the Master – Paper, and Master – Sen these two phones, environmental protection from the box has already begun.

Speaking of which, let’s think back to how Apple does environmental protection, cut your headphone hole, cut your charging head, cut the plastic sealing film of your packaging box, Realme, and how to do environmental protection? The packaging box plastic ratio of only 0.3%, biodegradable soy ink, renewable raw materials bio-based backshell, manufacturers of environmental protection should not be at the expense of the user’s original gain and for, more should be done from their own, although the cell phone environmental protection is led by Apple at the beginning, but in the practice of environmental protection, Apple this time compared to Realme dwarfed.


The system, the whole series of Realme GT2 is factory pre-installed with the new Realme UI 3.0 based on Android 12, this system was released in October last year, Realme GT2 series is equipped with a new generation of Snapdragon 8 Gen1 flagship phones naturally will not miss. Because the system involves a lot of focus, here I only pick the author in the experience process of in-depth use to speak, that is, GT 3.0.

Realme’s cell phone in addition to the cost performance has been excellent, the gameplay is also a major feature, the new GT mode 3.0 brings three major upgrades:

  1. Support for desktop surface cards a key GT (that is, the desktop can be quickly opened)
  2. The underlying scheduling optimization: GPU heterogeneous rendering, AI stable frame rate technology, extreme temperature rise, and fall scene senseless frame reduction
  3. Scene extension to video, one click to open GT video enhancement

The first point is actually given a switch on the desktop that can quickly open the GT, this belongs to give a quick entrance, the latter two are more critical, a major game, a major video.

Author experience the most obvious is AI stable frame technology 2.0, open the GT mode, and then the upper left corner inside slide to select AI stable frame after, even the “Original God” such a super-large map can ensure a more stable picture in the game, but also in the fight big world and brush the abyss of high-intensity combat scenes also have good performance. The most intuitive point, only from my naked eye experience, during the game did not feel any frame drops and instability, the key is in this case, the phone’s heat is not very excessive, are only warm, which is very rare.

Video, Realme GT2 series already supports Dolby Atmos, GT video increase also brings HDR video color enhancement and MEMC video dynamic pinning and network acceleration, not only makes the video on the picture richer but also makes the music that appears with the picture more dynamic, sound and picture is the highest-end enjoyment. The Realme GT2 series screen quality is already very top, plus the GT video enhancement, like a tiger, added wings icing on the cake.

Nowadays, cell phone operating systems are actually very different, the fight is in the details of the adjustment, such as which open faster, which rendering is better, you know Realme UI is from OPPO’s ColoroOS, the base itself is not bad, and then add some brand user-specific targeted features, it will be more users like the UI experience.


In terms of photography, the Realme GT2 Pro has three lens-specific parameters information we have mentioned in the previous article, here not to repeat. These years cell phone photography competition is too fierce. I will engage in co-branded exclusive. Realme this time is very smart, it added a 150° ultra-wide-angle lens and a microscope lens. The former can bring the fisheye mode photo effect, the latter can let the player see a different “small” world. Realme thinks, compared to the telephoto and wide-angle may be used once in a while, the innovation in the lens play seems more to stimulate the user’s desire to take pictures.

Let’s look at the sample photos directly, the Realme GT2 Pro daytime shooting samples are as follows, the photos are only size compression processing, the picture is not adjusted by any retouching.

From the sample photos, you can see that the thickness of the gray chap tree trunk and the lightness of the winter reeds floating complement each other, each kind of subject being photographed can make you feel its beauty in the picture, and then there is the detail part, the texture of the trunk edge and the bokeh of the tiny leaves of the reeds are handled very well, let’s say, the scenery I see from the sample photos is far more profound than what I see them with the naked eye.

The telephoto end of the GT2 Pro only supports a maximum of 5x digital zoom, so let’s look at its sample performance at different focal lengths.

1 / 6

150° ultra-wide-angle lens after opening can indeed shoot a larger field of view than 0.6 times the content, but at the same time it also has part of the negative effects, you can obviously see from the sample photos on the right part of the grass has been curved, so it is not really suitable for going to the real record of large scenes buildings, but need to be used on specific occasions to have a miraculous effect, such as a fisheye lens.

Some neighborhood roads will have around like a mirror at the turn of the intersection of the bright sign, the picture presented in this bright sign is similar to the fisheye lens to shoot the picture, it has a larger field of view, so you can see more scenes on the left and right, to avoid danger, and when you stand in the middle of this picture, as the central object, you will appear more prominent, so when you use a fisheye lens to capture the picture, you must first have a particularly attention-grabbing subject, and then position it in the center, like this.

In addition to 150° ultra-wide-angle and fisheye mode, Realme GT2 Pro also brings microscope lens 2.0, it can bring up to 40x magnification while upgrading the depth of field 4 times so that the imaging is clearer, this lens mode and play are not Realme first, but still very high in playability, let’s look at the sample photos:

These two sample photos are the subject is the part of the tree trunk that was photographed above, the first is 20x magnification, the second is 40x magnification, under the 40x microscope lens, the surface of the tree trunk with a thousand gullies has a heavier sense of the picture, it shows a rocky texture as if to tell the story of those who have experienced the wind and sun.

Night scene, the Realme GT2 Pro this time brought a new self-produced ProLight ultra-sensitive technology, support intelligent multi-frame synthesis and intelligent noise recognition, can bring better noise reduction, plus the industry is currently using the Sony IMX766, which can do even in extremely dark scenes, can also produce bright, pure night photos, we are still on the sample photos.

Three-night photos, shooting at that time is almost more than 90% of the pure black scene when the viewfinder frame is open even can not see the picture, but after clicking the shutter to take pictures, the Realme GT2 Pro presented photos or clear to present those dark scenes, more pleased that it is not silly to shoot the night into the day, but let the night still has the properties of the night.


As early as the launch of the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, Realme has given a preview that “if all goes well, realme will be the second cell phone brand in the world to release the new Snapdragon 8 flagship.” Now it seems that although halfway out of Lenovo’s Moto intercepted the first position resulting in the Realme GT2 series becoming the world’s third release of Snapdragon 8. The most crucial thing is to see how the new generation of Snapdragon 8 is tuned.

After the AnTuTu V9 score test, the author hands this 12GB + 256GB top version of the Realme GT2 Pro score of 1019611 points. The CPU score is 238,600, the GPU score is 443,544, and the storage test score is 69,244, with a read speed of 1910.9MB/s and a write speed of 1322.4MB/s.

This generation of Snapdragon 8, GPU scores can be said to be a huge improvement, even compared to last year’s highest-scoring gaming phone, the GPU scores are more than 13W+, for the game experience can be said to be like a tiger further.

The industry is saying that Snapdragon 8 Gen1 is still a fire dragon, and Realme has pulled out all the stops for years to address this situation, with the quartz cooling system Plus from metals, with two major upgrades.

The practical effect of these two upgrades for me is that it doesn’t seem to be that hot anymore, especially when running a large game like “Original God”, the heat coming from the back of the phone is just room temperature, far more acceptable than the Snapdragon 888’s hot hands becoming.

Gaming and Battery

Realme GT2 Pro in the battery capacity of 5000mAh, support 65W SuperDart flash charging, as the ancestral skills of the OPPO family, Realme can be said to have done a thorough amplification of this technology, down to more than 1000 entry, up to the flagship machine, can see its presence.

Game, the author carried out 30 minutes of “Peace Elite” after the battery remaining power from the beginning of the play 46% fell to 37%, Realme GT2 Pro battery consumption of 9%, the game quality and frame rate at present the highest can only open smooth + limit, this is because I got the phone has not been officially released when the reason, so the game manufacturer’s adaptation on the progress and some slow. The 90Hz frame rate will certainly be there, after all, this is a flagship machine.

The actual fact is that you can simply refer to the battery consumption situation, get it to play the game users will certainly be the picture quality and frame rate to the highest to experience, after all, it is a top straight screen Snapdragon 8 flagship products.

In another game “Original God”, after 30 minutes of game time, the picture quality all open to the highest and limit and 60Hz refresh rate, Realme GT2 Pro’s remaining power display dropped from 81% to 60%, consuming 21% of the power.

Honestly speaking this battery consumption is a bit high, almost equivalent to the author before playing the “Original God” of that game phone, but it is better than that game phone experience is the heat control is excellent, last year the phone rear shell popular AG glass, Snapdragon 888 high heat will lead to this AG glass local become very hot, I did not take the temperature gun to test, but is more than the human body can perceive the limit, so when using the game phone tend to play for a while, put a while, so that the phone cooling.

Not anymore, the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 may be really suppressed by Realme’s heat dissipation feat, the warmth of the heat allows you to experience the process of a game for a long time without worrying about being scalded, even if it is the only high power consumption, Realme also has 65W fast charging as a supplement.

In the actual charging test, the battery remaining power consumption is 2% to start charging, using the original 65W charger set that comes in the box for charging, full the whole phone took a total of 30 minutes to the whole, the official given is 33 minutes to full 100%, so this calculation, the data is also consistent.

5 minutes to 27%, 10 minutes to 44%, 15 minutes to 64%, the experience is also a solid first tier, if you think it’s slow, then I’m here to give you a heads up, its battery capacity is 5000mAh, not 4500mAh.


Realme GT2 Pro this phone in the publicity of the main focus is the high-end flagship of young people, in fact, now the young people really will not buy those what thousand-yuan machine, young people are more willing to save money to buy a product in all aspects belong to the flagship performance, and the brand to have personality, not with the public, more importantly, I take out you do not know, but my aspects are stronger than you, even in environmental protection. This is what this generation of GT2 Pro is going to do.

As a “small company” that has not been established for so many years, Realme has been very persistent in some things, such as cost performance, such as performance, such as co-branding, each of these three things can make realme occupy a place in this market, it could have continued to hold its market. But with the current generation of the GT series, realme has added the environmental factor, which is valued worldwide, to the phone. This kind of pattern and market view proves that it has slowly started to go global from a small company.

This review originally published on AnTuTu Benchmark by Wanglei

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