New Teaser Reveals Legion Y90 RGB Logo

Legion Y90 RGB Logo

Legion Y90 RGB Logo

Lenovo will soon launch the Legion Y90 dual-engine air-cooled gaming phone with a built-in active cooling turbofan. The official animation video released today shows what the back of the phone looks like.

The phone has an asymmetrical design with a slightly raised center back and fans vents on the side bezels. The “Y” shaped illuminated logo on the back is larger than that of the Legion 2 Pro gaming phone.

According to the product manager, the phone feels comfortable in the hand and has a very slight central bulge. The phone is equipped with a high-performance processor, plus reasonable performance scheduling, aggressive adaptive refresh rate strategy, and a large battery for a great gaming experience.

As previously reported that the front of the Legion Y90 gaming phone was previously revealed display specifications. The phone comes with a 6.92-inch full-screen with an open-hole-free design. The screen uses the Samsung E4 light-emitting material AMOLED screen with 1080P resolution, 144Hz high refresh rate, and support for HDR enhanced display. The screen has a multi-finger touch sampling rate of up to 720Hz and has an anti-blue light certification.

The Legion Y90 features a non-opening design with a 6.92-inch full-screen and a Samsung E4 light-emitting material AMOLED screen with 1080p resolution 144Hz high refresh rate, HDR enhanced display support, screen multi-finger touch sampling rate up to 720Hz, and anti-blue light certification.

Meanwhile, the Legion Y90 is also equipped with air-cooled active cooling, with a temperature of only 38.3°C after half an hour of running “Original God” at the highest image quality. The Legion Y90 is expected to be equipped with the flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip, officially released in early 2022.


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