Honor Magic V Supports 66W Fast Charging, 90Hz and 120Hz Refresh Rate

Honor Magic V Supports 66W Fast Charging

Honor Magic V Supports 66W Fast Charging

A few days ago, Honor announced the first folded flagship Magic V will be released soon. Zhao Ming said that the phone has a complex hinge technology, and the design is very complete in terms of small and large screen conversion and experience after opening.

Recently, the Digital Chat Station exposed some configuration information of this product, saying that Honor Magic V supports 66W fast charging, equipped with a “not so small” battery, equipped with a high refresh rate large screen.

Honor Magic V will be equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen1, currently, the strongest mass-produced Android processor, is also the first Snapdragon 8 Gen1 foldable display flagship, thanks to the folding screen larger body, the cooling system should be more excellent, the final performance may exceed the regular flagship.

In addition, Digital Chat Station stated that “Honor Magic V prototype parameters, for reference only to the official prevail: Built-in large screen is the upper right corner single hole design, the external small screen is centered single hole + right side slightly curved design. The internal and external screens have front cameras both have a high refresh rate, but a 90Hz, a 120Hz. Rear main camera 50 megapixels, Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, 66W super flash charging, pre-installed Android 12 underlying new system.”

Earlier, Honor Mobile officially announced the Magic V preview video, showing the appearance of this flagship foldable screen phone. The phone uses a left and right opening and folding inward, with a thin and light profile and a large external screen. The hinge design uses a complex mechanical structure, and the folded part of the screen is stored in a teardrop shape. The phone’s outer screen is curved with a centered camera opening.

Honor Magic V

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