MIUI 13 Officially Released: More Secure Feature Unveiled

MIUI 13 Officially Released

MIUI 13 Officially Released

Before the Xiaomi 12 Series, Xiaomi first brought a large version update of MIUI 13, introduced by MIUI head Jin Fan released. According to the official introduction, MIUI in the past six months seriously, down-to-earth good system optimization, focus on computing, atomic memory, liquid storage under the optimization of the head of the tripartite application of the full model fluency significantly improved, while the system applications have also been improved.

Xiaomi 11 Ultra, for example, while continuing to use 36 months, read and write performance degradation of less than 5%, and joint Terra Labs to build a fluency evaluation model, traction optimization goals.

MIUI 13 brings a new font MiSans, straight and powerful, minimalist design, favorable and screen display, with rich Opentype features, such as hyphen height can automatically adapt to upper and lower case letters, free and commercially available.

And built-in new wallpaper, joint beautiful science, using polarization microscope through 8K time-lapse photography, record the form and change of crystal formation, note that this time is for the whole series of screens, meaning that LCD, OLED is available.

Widgets are one of the new features of MIUI 13, support application widgets to provide shortcut functions, while increasing playability, such as accurate to the second super countdown day, what to eat today, and other widgets.

The privacy, MIUI 13 new face verification protection, privacy watermark, wire fraud protection three major privacy protection features, intelligent recognition of the face, system-level masking other than the face screen.

For rentals, App verification, and other places that require document photos, the direct upload of the original image may cause the risk of privacy leaks, MIUI 13 can add a watermark for document photos in the album to limit the use of documents.

Also new system-level full-link anti-fraud, throughout the entire chain of telecom fraud, providing wire fraud warning, official logo, fraudulent application installation interception, transfer protection, and other privacy protection features, will be pushed to the first batch of models in four weeks, the specific list is not yet announced.

MIUI 13 Pad also received a new upgrade, has completed the large screen adapted to 3000 applications, the new free window, just hold the application corner dragged inward, you can enter the window state, support a variety of proportional layout.

In addition, MIUI 13 this time focus on the flow of content between devices, such as applications, photos, hotspots, verification code can be transferred between the phone and tablet, navigation information, taxi information, incoming calls, sports data can also be transferred between the phone and watch.

At the same time brought supporting hardware, MIUI Home can make linked smart devices, become the home intelligent central control, as well as Xiaomi Pad and MIUI TV Enterprise Edition.

Finally, Jin Fan said, MIUI is no longer a cell phone system, but an operating system across multiple devices, and connects multiple smart devices. This is a farewell to the past decade, but also the starting point of the next decade.


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