Lenovo Legion Y7000P 2022 Gaming Notebook Preview: Thinner And More Square

Lenovo Legion Y7000P 2022 Gaming Notebook

Lenovo Legion Y7000P 2022 Gaming Notebook Preview

In addition to Gaming Tablet Y700 and Gaming Phone Y90, today, Lenovo Legion released the Lenovo Legion Y7000P 2022 latest warm-up information, said the new product is stronger, lighter, and thinner.

The poster shows that the Y7000P 2022 has a new design with a more squared-off appearance. Officials say the Y7000P 2022 is 11.6 percent thinner and lighter than its predecessor; the A-side is made of metal. In addition, the Y7000P 2022 has two USB-C ports on the left side.

Lenovo is previewing the Y7000P 2022 with a 16:9 ratio screen, upgraded to QHD resolution and a 165Hz refresh rate, and sources say the 16:9 2K screen on the Y7000P 2022 has the same specifications as the screen on the R9000X 2021.

Lenovo has now started previewing the new generation of Legion gaming notebooks, saying it is releasing four new models covering two platforms, expected to be the Y9000P, Y7000P and R9000P, R7000P, powered by Intel and AMD next-generation processors, respectively.

AMD, Nvidia, and Intel’s CES 2022 launch event will begin in the evening of January 4 and is expected to unveil next-generation notebook processors and graphics cards. Thin and light notebooks and gaming notebooks with the new hardware are expected to be released after the AMD, Nvidia, and Intel event.


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