Realme GT2 Pro Screen Parameters Officially Unveiled

Realme GT2 Pro Screen Parameters

Realme GT2 Pro Screen Parameters

Today Realme official continues to preview the new flagship Realme GT2 Series that will be released on January 4, and today brings information on the Realme GT2 Pro screen parameters.

The poster shows that realme GT2 Pro has created the strongest 6.7-inches 2K straight screen flagship ever, which is called “straight screen ceiling”. Xu Qi pointed out that realme GT2 Pro’s display, texture, power consumption, control, tuning five are all-round.

It uses Samsung 2K ultra-retina flexible screen, resolution 3216 × 1440 resolution, and 120Hz high brush with HDR10+ certification. In addition, it uses a second-generation LTPO display, which can intelligently switch the frame rate according to the mobile application scenario from 1-120Hz. The comprehensive battery life is extended by 1.7h.

Furthermore, Realme GT2 Pro is also using the COP encapsulation process, and the lower bezel achieves an extremely narrow design with outstanding visual effects. It is reported that the COP English full name Chip On Pi, which is a new screen packaging process, the principle is to directly bend part of the screen, thereby further reducing the bezel, you can achieve the effect of nearly no bezel. Due to the high cost of COP, it is often applied to high-end flagships.

The phone has already been entered into the network Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, from the parameters, Realme GT2 Pro supports dual-mode 5G, providing light green, ice crystal blue, cast iron black, paperwhite three or four colorways, of which “paperwhite” is expected to use bio-based paper material. The phone measures 163.2 x 74.7 x 8.2mm and weighs 199g.

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