MIUI 13 Pad System Adapts 3000 Top Apps, Support Multi-tasking Free Window

MIUI 13 Pad System Adapts 3000 Top Apps

MIUI 13 Pad System Adapts 3000 Top Apps

Xiaomi cell phone MIUI official preheat MIUI 13 system today, said, MIUI 13 more fluid, from the operating system underlying core technology breakthroughs. The three core technologies of focus computing, atomic memory, and liquid storage have been comprehensively upgraded, and system fluency has been significantly improved compared to MIUI 12.5 enhanced version.

In addition, today MIUI officials also announced the MIUI 13 Pad system. The top 3,000 applications are fully adapted so that the applications are presented in the best way, every inch is not wasted.

A more reasonable guess is that MIUI 13 Pad should be launched for Xiaomi Mi tablet 5 series, and the adapted apps will support multi-tasking free window display, which can bring better display effect for users even if they are not the tablet version of the app, and avoid the waste of screen space.

This time, MIUI 13, officially, focuses mainly on the basic experience, bringing a faster and smoother experience, stemming from the core technology breakthrough at the bottom of the operating system and a comprehensive upgrade for the three core technologies.

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