Samsung Tri-fold Rendered Through Patent Exposure

Samsung Tri-fold Rendered

Samsung Tri-fold Rendered

Recently, Samsung submitted a patent application to the World Intellectual Property Organization that was officially released to public, from this patent can be seen, Samsung is trying to create a folding-screen phone with a double-stranded chain of design.

From the patent information, the folding screen phone uses a zigzag double-fold design, which makes it in the fully extended state, you can get a tablet-sized display and touch interaction area, showing a more impactful video and game experience, and effectively improving efficiency. And when fully folded, this phone is not any different from ordinary phones except thicker.

Unlike most folding screen phones today that choose to use a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, this folding screen phone uses an under-screen fingerprint sensor, which may indicate that Samsung has gained some technical breakthroughs in this area.

At the same time, as a folding screen phone similar in size to a tablet when unfolded, it can be external peripherals such as keyboard and mouse/microphone, and in addition to the USB-C port added an HDMI video output/audio connector/SD card slot.


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