Lenovo: Third Generation Razr Foldable Display Phone with Star-track Pivot Technology is in Work

Third Generation Razr Foldable Display Phone Coming

Third Generation Razr Foldable Display Phone Coming

Recently foldable display phones are on fire again, first OPPO brought Find N, then last night Huawei released the P50 Pocket, today, Lenovo also announced that they will bring the news of the new folding screen machine.

Time back to November 14, 2019. Motorola’s new Razr listing, as the industry’s first vertical folding screen smartphone, once again led the industry’s innovation.

The star-track pivot technology, independently developed by Lenovo Research Institute, was the only seamless crease-free hinge technology in the world put into mass production at that time.
I think innovation will always be the driving force of the industry.

I hope we are not paying lip service, but acting more, including silently and attentively preparing the third generation Razr foldable display phone: more advanced chip arithmetic, better human-machine interface, and of course, more atmospheric appearance.

We will be the first to market in the Chinese market for this product.

said, Chen Jin, general manager of Lenovo’s cell phone business in China.

In addition, Chen Jin also brought a side view of this new foldable display phone, from the picture should be the same fold up and down with the previous razr, but the new star-track pivot design may bring some more excellent display effect on the screen crease, or even do without crease.

At present, the official only this picture, the configuration is not mentioned for the time being, but from the S30 and X30 already on sale, it should not be too low, after all, the cost of the foldable display is also much higher, the configuration is low again, then it is not justified.

Motorola’s first-generation Razr folding screen phone was released in 2019. This product has a raised bottom for the fingerprint recognition sensor, a secondary screen on the back, and a single camera on the rear. The phone is powered by a Snapdragon 710 chip, 6GB+128GB of storage, and an internal battery of just 2510mAh.

The Motorola Razr 5G phone was released in 2020 with an upgraded processor to the Snapdragon 765G and folds in a similar way to its predecessor. It has a 6.2-inch internal screen with 876×2142 resolution and a 48MP anti-shake main camera on the rear.


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