Green Factory and Blue Factory Trademarked by OPPO And Vivo

Green Factory and Blue Factory Trademarked by OPPO And Vivo

OPPO And Vivo Trademarks Green Factory and Blue Factory

Vivo and OPPO because of the logo color, many netizens flirted with the blue factory and green factory, originally a joke, but then gradually become the industry common call.

Recently, the enterprise search shows that OPPO and Vivo have completed the trademark registration of green factory and blue factory respectively, this time is a veritable blue and green factory, of course, the official name is still OPPO and Vivo.

Public information shows that OPPO was founded in 2004, the founder is Chen Mingyong, while the founder of Vivo is Shen Wei, earlier responsible for the BBK cell phone business. The two big brothers are “from” the BBK Group Chairman Duan Yongping, so the initial development of the cell phone business is based on the offline market.

In addition to OPPO having completed the merger with the OnePlus cell phone, the OnePlus service announced in the community, OnePlus China offline after-sales service business will be January 1, 2022, to complete the overall business migration.

By then, nearly 1,000 official OPPO authorized service centers nationwide will be fully open to OnePlus users, covering more than 90% of prefecture-level cities nationwide. In the future, OnePlus users can enjoy the after-sales service with affection, as well as refueling day activities, etc. at OPPO service centers.


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