Xiaomi 12 Pro Display Features Highlight: 2K, LTPO 2.0, E5, and

Xiaomi 12 Pro Display Features

Xiaomi 12 Pro Display Features

Near the Xiaomi 12 series launch, the official began to frequently warm-up, and today brought the Xiaomi 12 Pro display features highlights. “This is the best Xiaomi cell phone screen, but also the ceiling of the industry in the screen sector,” said Lei Jun.

It is reported that Xiaomi 12 Pro uses a high-quality AMOLED 2K resolution screen, new E5 light-emitting material, the brand new LTPO 2.0 display technology, and Mirco-Lens micro-prism technology while having Xiaomi’s research intelligent dynamic refresh rate technology.

The E5 light-emitting material means increased brightness and lower power consumption, the second generation LTPO is in line with the dynamic refresh rate, while the Mirco-Lens technology may be related to the screen brightness.

The above-mentioned technology, Xiaomi cell phone official said 2K screen has never been so energy efficient, while Lei Jun said this is one of the best Xiaomi cell phone screens, but also the ceiling of the screen sector in the industry.

Xiaomi’s self-researched intelligent dynamic refresh rate that is the second generation of low-power 2K screen innovation experience that for the first time, Xiaomi 12 Pro has a new skill of swipe speed. According to the official, precise synchronization of finger swipe speed, dynamic adjustment of refresh rate, every smooth swipe is done in a more energy-efficient way. “It is the Promotion in Android” the official emphasized.

Previous renders show that the Xiaomi 12 Pro frontal for the centered dugout screen design, double curved form and curvature is not large, the size of the temporary unknown. As we all know, 2K resolution and high refresh rate will bring greater power consumption, Xiaomi 12 Pro seems to be a solution to this pain point, the specific performance is to be seen.

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