Vivo Watch 2 Goes Official With Dual-Chip and Independent Communication

Vivo Watch 2 Price and Specifications

Vivo Watch 2 Price and Specifications

In today’s product launch, in addition to S12 Series, Vivo also launched Vivo Watch 2 smartwatch, priced at 1299 yuan, with black, white, and silver three colorways.

In terms of design, the watch has a round dial, the display has two crown colorways, black, and silver, built-in eSIM support for independent communication, support for 50 meters of water resistance, the body articulation all-round dot glue, and a waterproof rubber ring, in addition to the speaker can also be a key to exclude residual moisture.

Screen, using a 1.43-inch screen, resolution 466 × 466p, support 60Hz refresh rate display, pixel density up to 436PPI. At the same time built-in Jovi voice more independent, no need to connect the phone can also be used, support SOS emergency contact function, when needed with the watch can be a key to call for help, support NFC bus card, access card function.

According to the introduction, Vivo Watch 2 supports independent communication, and under the typical scenario of independent communication, it can achieve 7 days long battery life. The battery life can reach 14 days when the typical scenario of independent communication is closed.

Officially, behind the 7-day long battery life of the Vivo Watch 2 smartwatch in the typical scenario of standalone communication is the innovative “main control chip + communication chip” architecture design of Vivo, the former drives the operation of the watch and the latter intelligently connects to the network.

Functionality, equipped with the new WeChat sports interoperability function, the watch recorded sports data can be synchronized to WeChat, support dozens of sports modes, all-day heart rate, and blood oxygen monitoring and all-day calorie follow-up measurement, sleep monitoring using the new CPC professional algorithm, as well as the new body control.

In addition, there are quick functions such as taxi dynamic reminder, Baidu map navigation, for example, after the phone taxi or navigation, using the watch can view vehicle information, navigation information, etc., and cooperation with Netease cloud music, Himalaya, to achieve the function of independent online listening to songs and books.


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