Realme GT2 Pro Promotional Materials Reveal Unexpected Design of Master-paper Version

Realme GT2 Pro Promotional Materials of Master-paper Version

Realme GT2 Pro Promotional Materials of Master-paper Version

Realme side officially announced this morning that will be released on January 4 Realme GT2 Series, although the official has not officially started to preview this phone, interestingly Italian VOGUE fashion magazine has exposed the appearance of the Realme GT2 Pro in advance.

Realme GT2 Pro Master-paper Version

The revealed (could be standard version) Realme GT2 Pro promotional materials, completely different from previously leaked renderings. This phone should be the master-paper version of the GT2 Pro, that is, the top version in cooperation with the designer Naoto Fukasawa, the world’s first bio-based materials to create the phone. Its entire pure white body texture rear shell looks very special and does have the same paper feel to it, curious what kind of experience it will be when touched by hand.

The rear lens is a dual 50-megapixel matrix lens, plus a smaller auxiliary camera and two flashes, the entire lens module design, and the previously released realme GT Neo2 is the same, but the camera space occupation is larger.

So it seems that the biggest feature of the Realme GT2 Pro should be the inclusion of bio-based materials, which come from renewable raw materials such as pulp and can reduce carbon emissions by 63%. This time, Realme will apply ISCC environmentally-certified bio-based materials to the design of the GT2 Series of fuselages.

The front screen should still be perforated screen design, coupled with a Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, the official said the machine will be a high-end flagship customized for young people, guess a price in advance?


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