Realme GT2 Series will Have Big News

Realme GT2 Series Warm-up

Realme GT2 Series Warm-up

Yesterday afternoon, Realme held a special event to preempt some of the material and configuration issues about the new flagship Realme GT2 Series before it was officially released. This morning, Xu Qi Chase, vice president of Realme, announced on his Weibo profile that the Realme GT2 series will be officially opened for pre-release tomorrow.

Xu Qi posted that, “There is no shortage of high-end flagship phones in the market, what is lacking is the attention to the needs of young user groups. Realme GT2 Pro, a high-end flagship customized for young people. The high-end flagship for young people, young people to build, see you tomorrow! “

According to the habits of cell phone manufacturers, usually sending new machines will give a few days of a warm-up period, Realme is certainly no exception, so although Xu Qi said tomorrow, but tomorrow is not directly the launch, but to give the specific time of the launch, and then will gradually announce some of the new machine configuration and appearance design details.

Realme GT2 Series Warm-up

According to yesterday’s special event, the Realme GT2 Series will be the world’s first bio-based material phone, with a more prominent performance in environmental issues. The GT2 series will feature the world’s first 150° ultra-wide-angle lens and a 20% larger viewing area, and the first full-speed antenna matrix system for communication technology. The Realme GT2 Pro is said to be designed by well-known Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa, will be known as Master Edition.


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