Realme Introduces Three World’s First Black Technologies for GT2 Pro

Realme Three World's First Black Technologies

Realme Three World’s First Black Technologies

Today, Realme, the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand, held a special event for the Realme GT2 Series, officially introduced its first high-end flagship, the Realme GT2 Pro will bring the three world’s first black technologies.

The head of Realme technology planning, Qi Fu, said at the event: 2022 will be the first year of the realme technology explosion. Starting from the Realme GT2 series, Realme will continue to bring the latest and coolest black technologies to everyone.

The world’s first bio-based material design

Realme brings the industry’s first material technology – bio-based materials, is the use of renewable biomass as raw materials, including grains, legumes, straw, bamboo, and wood powder, etc., through biological, chemical, and physical methods to manufacture new materials. Biobased materials have the advantages of green, energy-saving, and emission reduction, renewable raw materials, and have good biodegradation characteristics.

When biobased materials are discarded, they can be transformed into non-toxic small molecules such as water and carbon dioxide through biodegradation methods such as burning or composting and re-enter the natural cycle. The widespread use of bio-based materials will be an important initiative to address the carbon emissions of smartphones.

To solve the growing environmental problems, the country has developed a “carbon neutral” strategy. Realme has taken the first step towards achieving carbon neutrality through a new design and exploration of future environmentally friendly materials.

Realme claims that the bio-based material has passed the ISCC International Sustainability and Carbon Certification and other international certifications, the introduction of a new material, a very risky thing, the official also tested the reliability of the new material, can withstand the temperature of 75℃ – minus 40℃, 27,800 micro-falls, 65℃ 95% RH (relative humidity) extreme environment can be stored for 21 days.

The GT2 Pro will be the world’s first smartphone to use bio-based materials, and its design is highly anticipated. The GT2 Pro is designed in collaboration with Naoto Fukasawa to create a new generation of master design, creatively using environmentally friendly bio-based materials. The official design of the new machine has not yet been announced, may look forward to some follow-up news.

The world’s first 150° ultra-wide-angle lens

Realme this time wanted to use its unique image thinking to create a new perspective for young people to see the world. Realme GT2 Pro is the world’s first 150° ultra-wide-angle lens, overturning the design concept of the traditional wide-angle lens and referring to the design idea of a fisheye lens to bring you the ultimate experience of a larger perspective. Compared to the industry’s current largest cell phone ultra-wide-angle lens, the visual range are increased by 20%!

The GT2 series has developed the world’s first cell phone fisheye mode based on the 150° ultra-wide angle lens, which brings a stronger and novel sense of spatial perspective and a long depth of field. 150° ultra-wide-angle and fisheye mode both provide a new way for young people to explore the world.

The world’s first full-speed antenna matrix system

To connect the world more freely, the GT2 Pro is equipped with a revolutionary full-speed antenna matrix system, bringing the world’s first ultra-wideband free switching antenna technology, a Wi-Fi network enhancement system, and all-around sensing NFC technology, three core communication technology upgrades.

Realme GT2 Pro is equipped with the world’s first ultra-wideband free switching antenna technology, which can be freely combined to achieve gigabit ultra-wideband communication, supporting 48 global mainstream frequency bands, covering more than 150 countries and regions around the world, truly realizing a cell phone travel around the world.

Realme GT2 Pro has a very advanced antenna design with 12 wraparound highly integrated antennas, each of which supports all mainstream frequency bands and has consistent signal strength. To maximize the advantages of the surround antenna design, Realme has developed industry-leading free switching antenna technology, which can intelligently judge the signal strength of the antenna and automatically select the antenna with the best signal to send and receive signals, allowing the signal strength in weak signal scenarios to be increased by up to two times.

Realme GT2 Pro supports Omni-directional Wi-Fi technology with symmetrical antenna design, which can achieve complementary signal strength, thus achieving a wider coverage area and more balanced strength, with a 20% improvement in signal balance.

GT2 Pro upgrades the NFC antenna design scheme, bringing a new omnidirectional sensing NFC. Two cellular antennas on the top integrate NFC signal transceiver functions to form an NFC 3 antenna array, thus upgrading the sensing range from the traditional two-dimensional plane to three-dimensional, increasing the surface area by 500% and enhancing the sensing distance on one side by 20% to achieve a freer swipe card, making the operation more convenient.

According to the official statement, Realme GT 2 Pro is the highest specification flagship product in the history of Realme, the official said this year is the first year of Realme technology explosion, from GT 2 Pro Series, will continue to launch the bottom of the black technology, may look forward to.

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