Xiaomi’s Mega Cup Will Have 6.5-inches+2K Screen

Xiaomi's Mega Cup Will Have 6.5-inches+2K Screen

Xiaomi’s Mega Cup Will Have 6.5-inches+2K Screen

In the first half of this year, Xiaomi released Xiaomi 11 Ultra, it is called “Android light”, now Xiaomi 11 Ultra successor Xiaomi 12 Ultra will soon debut. According to the news, Xiaomi 12 Ultra will be released after the Spring Festival, and it is expected to debut the new imaging system jointly created by Xiaomi and Leica.

As previously revealed that Xiaomi has reached a partnership with Leica and the first Leica-enabled Xiaomi phone will soon debut. Also pointed out that the Xiaomi 12, which will be released at the end of this month, will not be equipped with Leica imaging, which means that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, the top version of the Xiaomi 12 Series, is expected to debut with Leica imaging.

Combined with the previously exposed phone case information and renderings, you can get a general idea of the back design of the machine, you can also see that this generation of models will bring very big upgrades in the photography, we are also increasingly concerned about this phone.

In today’s morning, another report pops out: “And again a little detail, L1 before testing the 2k screen version and the mega cup screen size is about the same, are 6.5-6.6 look. Next year some new machine screen size will become a little smaller, including the Redmi models.”

This “L1” is the internal code of Xiaomi 12 Ultra, and the latest news means that the new flagship will maintain the high-quality display of the previous generation while slightly reducing the size of the body, to ensure the experience while trying to improve the grip feel.


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