Lenovo Release Thinkplus T86 Pro Conference Display

Lenovo Thinkplus T86 Pro

Lenovo Thinkplus T86 Pro

Today, Lenovo officially released the conference display Thinkplus T86 Pro, priced at 54,888 yuan. The product is designed for enterprises and organizations, providing an integrated intelligent meeting solution, using Android and supporting infrared touch control.

Lenovo Thinkplus T86 Pro Introduction

Lenovo Thinkplus T86 Pro for enterprises and organizations designed to provide integrated intelligent conference solutions, using the Android system, the product is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, macOS four mainstream operating systems, but also support the projection screen counter-control function, you can control the computer, cell phones, tablets, and other devices on the touch screen.

The Thinkplus T86 Pro screen size is 86 inches with 4K resolution, and the meeting content is visible. With 99% sRGB wide color gamut and a maximum brightness of 400nit, the screen is fully laminated to effectively reduce parallax, improve viewing angles and touch precision.

In terms of performance, the T86Pro is equipped with an A73 quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of mass storage. The product is equipped with a 4K HD camera on top and 12 array microphones distributed around it, supporting up to 8 meters of radio.

Its high-precision infrared touch control solution, touch precision ± 1mm, accurately restore your every operation. It supports multiple gestures, fingertip writing, back of hand erasing, double-click undo, and intelligent circle selection, which reduces tedious clicking and improves operational efficiency. The is also provides a variety of input/output ports for connectivity.

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